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So, like a long time ago.

2010-10-25 20:56:10 by jack12354

Pretty much. Yeah. Woohoo. Flash. It's up.

Nobody has ever read this. Ever. Like never ever. Ever never ever. Never ever never.


So. Flash is on the way.

2010-08-31 11:10:46 by jack12354

I really hope that my flash class works out here. I really want to do flash, but the help will be good. I have lots of ideas but maybe not the time or skills to put them to use. Still, I'll post them, and hopefully get at least a few good ratings (and reviews).

No Guarantees.

Probably nothing.

Oh well.

Well, to start things off...

2010-02-16 16:50:28 by jack12354

Now that I'm a "legitimate artist" (by that I mean that i have six whole songs) i decided to se what kind of response i could get from a news post. Probably not much, but I mean, whatever...